Transform Team Communication with Engaging, Interactive Live Training

Designed for immediate impact, our game-based live training workshops foster teamwork and lasting results, all while making learning fun and memorable.

Benefit from Expert-Led DISC Training

As a small business owner, your time is valuable. Conducting in-house DISC training workshops can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Why not let an expert handle it? Introducing Team Builder Deep Dive, your ultimate solution for effective and engaging DISC training.

Benefit from Expert-Led DISC Training

Forget boring training sessions. With Team Builder Deep Dive, learning becomes an engaging and lasting experience. Our dynamic game-based workshops encourage teamwork and collaboration, making key points stick.

By combining game theory with interactive sessions, we create a fun and effective learning environment. Dive deep into DISC with training that your team will remember and apply long after the workshop ends.


Why Choose Team Builder Deep Dive?

With the Team Builder Deep Dive program, you benefit from:

Expert Facilitation

A trained facilitator will lead your team’s live DISC training workshops. Our facilitators are seasoned professionals who ensure each session is impactful and insightful.

Active Participation

As the business owner, you get to participate in exercises alongside your team, rather than leading them. This fosters a more open and collaborative environment, enabling you to lead by example and engage fully.

Experiential Education

Our signature “DISC Game Show” makes learning memorable and fun, ensuring that the key principles of DISC are not only understood but also retained and applied in the workplace.

Comprehensive Learning

Combine the best of both worlds with both online learning on Catalyst AND live training workshops. This approach ensures continuous development and reinforcement of key concepts.

What’s Included in the
Team Builder Deep Dive Program?

Customized Live DISC
Training Workshop Event

Interactive workshops led by a trained facilitator feature our signature “DISC Game Show” designed to engage your team and drive meaningful results.

Flexible Training Options

Choose between a live classroom setting or virtual training workshop, tailored to meet your team’s needs and preferences.

Training Workshop
Facilitation Toolkit

Modular, customizable, and ready-to-use DISC training materials including PowerPoints slide decks and written scripts. Use these training materials to ensure future new hires are aligned with the rest of the team from day one.

Facilitator Report

We’ll use this to uncover key insights specific to your team to highlight during the training workshop.

90 Days of Support

Email and Zoom support from the DISC for Small Business team as we prepare for your training workshop.

Research-Validated Assessment for up to 10 Team Members

The Everything DiSC Workplace assessment uses advanced algorithms to provide precise, personalized results.

20-page Personalized
DISC Report

Detailed and personalized insights for each participant.

Ongoing Access to

Each participant gets access to a personalized online learning platform for continuous learning. (*With NO renewal fees)

Six Months of
Personalized Emails

Weekly tailored insights and tips to keep your team on track.

Investment Details for the Team Builder Deep Dive Program

Invest in the future of your team with this comprehensive training program.
Here’s what your investment entails:

Program Investment

(includes assessments + access to Catalyst for up to 10 team members)

Enroll now as a Team Builder Facilitation beta customer and enjoy a $4,000 savings!

Use the code: BETA4000 at checkout

Please Note: Travel expenses are not included in the base price and will be billed separately based on actual costs.

Have more than 10 employees?
No problem. It’s only $197 for each additional person.


Exclusive Bonuses to Make Getting Started Even Easier!

Bonus #1

Kick-Off Call with Michelle

During this optional 60-minute Zoom call, we’ll craft your customized DISC rollout plan together. Let’s launch your team's learning journey with confidence!

Bonus #2

Discover Your Starting Point with our
Pre-Training Culture Survey 🌟

Curious about where your team's vibe stands before bringing DISC into the mix? This Culture Survey is your secret weapon. Take a professional pulse on your organization's current climate BEFORE introducing the DISC program. This valuable tool not only helps you see the big picture but also sets the stage for you to measure the impactful changes DISC brings to your team.

Bonus #3

Ready-to-Use Email Templates 📄

When you’re ready to introduce DISC to your team, we've crafted the perfect email templates to inform your crew about this fantastic professional development opportunity. Just copy, paste and customize as desired. Hit send and watch the excitement build!

A Note About the
Team Builder Deep Dive Beta Program

This is the first time we’re offering the Team Builder Deep Dive Program so there may be a few kinks to work out. Because of that, we’d like to work with a small group of no more than 5 customers to fine-tune the process.

If you’d like to score a whopping $4,000 savings, all we ask is that you:

1. Complete the program
2. Provide feedback
3. Leave a great review if you think it deserves it

Enroll now…before this offer is gone for good!


Use the code: BETA4000 at checkout

Still Undecided?

The Team Builder Deep Dive program is PERFECT for you if:

You Want to Ignite Your Team's Development: Incorporate DISC into your culture with a high-value live training event that sets the foundation for ongoing development.

You Value External Expertise: Benefit from an external facilitator who brings meaningful exercises and eye-opening insights to your team.

You Prefer Active Participation: Engage fully in the workshops without the burden of leading them, fostering a more open and effective learning environment.

You Value Flexibility: The program works seamlessly in both virtual and classroom settings, adapting to your team's needs.

You Believe in Comprehensive Learning: Combining the best of both worlds with both 24/7 on-demand learning AND live training workshops ensures continuous development and reinforcement of key concepts.

You Aim to Enhance Team Dynamics: Equip your team with the skills to communicate effectively and work cohesively.

You Desire Personalization: Benefit from personalized DISC reports and tailored weekly emails to keep your team engaged and informed.

You’re Ready to Invest in Team Growth: Take the next step towards building a harmonious, high-performing team environment.

Ready to improve team communication through an engaging and memorable learning experience?

Create a Memorable Experience with Team
Builder Deep Dive

Improve your team’s communication with expert-led DISC training. As a small business owner, your time is precious. Let us handle the training with Team Builder Deep Dive—your go-to for effective and fun DISC workshops.

Say goodbye to boring training sessions. Our dynamic, game-based workshops make learning engaging and memorable. We combine game theory with interactive sessions to ensure key points stick and your team bonds.

program image 3
program image 4

Why Choose Team Builder Deep Dive?

Our seasoned facilitators lead impactful sessions that leave a lasting impression, ensuring your team gets the most out of every workshop. You’ll benefit from comprehensive learning with 24/7 on-demand resources alongside live workshops for continuous growth. Plus, you get to join in the fun and learning with your team, rather than leading it yourself, fostering a more open and collaborative environment.

Using DISC to establish a common language for communication and understanding within your team will transform everyday interactions into opportunities for growth, collaboration, and deeper connections.

Ready to turn those frustrating “why can’t they just get along” moments into a thing of the past? Click “Enroll Now” and start the journey to a more cohesive, vibrant and thriving workplace.

Here’s to cultivating a workplace where everyone is FINALLY on the same page and feels understood, valued and connected.

Let’s make this vision a reality for your team! 🚀

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions other business owners have asked about Team Builder Deep Dive

What is the Team Builder Deep Dive program?

The Team Builder Deep Dive program is an expert-led DISC training solution designed to enhance team communication and collaboration. It combines live training workshops with on-demand learning resources to create a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

The program includes live training sessions facilitated by experienced professionals, interactive game-based workshops, and 24/7 access to on-demand learning materials. It’s designed to be flexible and customizable, catering to the unique needs of your team.

A trained facilitator brings expertise and experience, ensuring that the training is impactful and effective. They can provide meaningful exercises and insights that foster deeper understanding and engagement among team members.

Yes, the training can be tailored to address your team’s unique challenges and goals. Our facilitators work with you to design a customized training experience that meets your specific needs.

Absolutely! The Team Builder Deep Dive program is designed to be flexible and can be delivered both in-person and virtually, depending on what works best for your team.

The training toolkit includes PowerPoint slide decks, written scripts, facilitator guides, and interactive exercises. These materials are designed to support the live training sessions and enhance the learning experience.

Each training session is typically 2-4 hours long, but the duration can be adjusted based on your team’s needs and the specific content being covered.

The DISC Game Show is an interactive, game-based workshop that makes learning fun and memorable. It uses game theory and competitive elements to reinforce DISC principles and encourage teamwork and collaboration.

The base program includes assessments and access for up to 10 team members. Additional participants can be added for a nominal fee.

The effectiveness of the training is measured through pre- and post-training assessments, participant feedback, and observable changes in team dynamics and communication.

We offer 90 days of email and Zoom support from the DISC for Small Business team as we prepare and implement your training workshops. Additionally, ongoing access to the Catalyst platform provides continuous learning opportunities.

The on-demand resources provide continuous reinforcement of key concepts, allowing team members to review materials at their own pace. This complements the live sessions by ensuring that learning is ongoing and not limited to the workshop.

Our program combines expert facilitation, interactive game-based workshops, and comprehensive on-demand resources. This blend of methods ensures that the training is engaging, memorable, and impactful.

Once you enroll, we will work with you to schedule the training sessions at a convenient time for your team. Typically, training can begin within a few weeks of enrollment.

If you need to reschedule, simply contact us, and we will work with you to find a new date that works for your team. We aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.

There are no prerequisites for participation. The program is designed to be accessible to all team members, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience with DISC.

I’m confident that you will get tremendous value from the program. However, if you decide that the program is not for you, the Team Builder Deep Dive Program is eligible for a partial refund.

Since the facilitation kit is immediately downloadable, that portion of the program is NOT eligible for a refund. The remainder of the program may only be refunded prior to assessment code use. Completed assessments, profiles and reports will NOT be reset or refunded.

All refunds must be requested within 14 days of purchase by sending an email to: support[at]

Transform team communication with fun and engaging training workshops. When your team thrives, so does your business!

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